District Information

West Cumberland Utility District currently services customers in Cumberland County and a small portion of White County providing quality water to about 2000 active customers. 


Our history of water service began in 1965 when community leaders felt the need for a public water source. The utility only served the Pleasant Hill area initially, but now the area served is much larger going from Hwy 70 near the airport to the White county line and branching out from there.

Service Areas

West Cumberland Utility District is based in Pleasant Hill, Tennessee. Our service area has approximately 112 miles of water line. The water is purchased from BonDeCroft Utility District.  BonDeCrofts sole source of water is from Billy’s Branch lake in White county.

Regulatory Agencies

The West Cumberland Utility District operates according to the rules and regulations as established by our Board of Commissioners in accordance with requirements of the State of Tennessee Division of Water Supply or State Tennessee Comptrollers office, as applicable.

Quality and Commitment

West Cumberland Utility District places a strong emphasis on educating customers on the quality of our drinking water. The test results in your water quality report confirm that your tap water not only meets federal and state standards for drinking water, but in most cases, it surpasses them. We make the necessary investments to maintain and upgrade our facilities, so that we can deliver quality water directly to your tap 24 hours a day, seven days a week.